Media Interruptions

The 24/7 stream of breaking news, ubiquitous advertising and aggressive media interruptions occupy our screens and hijack our attention.

He who holds our attention can manipulate our perception...

Paying With Attention

Who is controlling our thoughts, and what exactly are we paying attention to?

Do we, or does stress and overload of news and aggressive media interruptions take control of what we do, what we think, and how we perceive the world...

Visual Relaxation Project

Ambient HD Moments are mind-refreshing timeless views from some of the most beautiful locations around the world designed to help releasing stress and restore our lost attention.

Choose your mind-refreshing moment...

Enjoy Visual Relaxation on Smart TV

Visual Relaxation

Enjoy Ambient HD Moments from around the world.

Available soon...

USB Ports on a Smart TV

USB Ports on Smart TV

Insert Flash Drive in a USB Port on your Smart TV.

Flash Drive

Flash Drive

Flash Drive with Ambient HD Moments.

Available soon...